College Run Farms

college run pumpkins

College Run Farms was founded in 1999 after owner, Steve Berryman, graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Agriculture and Applied Economics. As a 6th-generation farmer raised with row crops and hogs, Steve wanted to diversify and try something new. The first strawberry crop was planted in 1999, and different crops were added over the years, such as sweet corn, pumpkins, blueberries, and butter beans. This is a pick-your-own farm and allows customers to enter the fields and harvest their own produce, although pre-picked produce, locally made jams and jellies, cookies, pies, and home-made ice cream are also available for purchase. There is no fee to visit the farm; guests simply pay for the produce they pick.

Seasonal availability:

  • June and July - blueberries
  • July and early August - sweet corn, butter beans
  • Late September and October - pumpkins and gourds
  • December - Christmas cookies and treats, and peppermint ice cream
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